About Us

We are a hosting and web design agency that is passionate about IT. We specialize in the development of WordPress and web hosting. We create beautiful websites for you and host your servers and websites professionally, quickly and cheaply!

Our philosophy

Our customers are most important to us. That is why it is just as important to us that our customers build trust in us. There is nothing worse than losing confidence in a company that is important to your own company.
That is why we are always committed to gaining and maintaining the trust of our customers.
This way you can come to us if you have any problems with our services. We want to help you!

  • Web Design
  • Web Hosting (Web/Mail)
  • Search engine optimization
  • Individual solutions
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Why us?

Because we are fast, professional and cheap! We also think about a wide range of services and can work with you individually.

You do not have to tailor us with us, but to a certain extent you can freely decide what you need from us and above all how! We adapt to you, because for us the customer comes first!

Here you can find out more about us and more about Ifnormatik.

We, if normatics, look at the details that are desired and offer the customer the best possible result. Our intention is to create a perfect system for everyone, no matter how big the differences in requirements may be.

Our work begins after a customer’s request. In a first conversation with the customer, the exact scope of the project and all requirements are declared. This is followed by planning and an offer to the customer. As soon as the customer accepts the offer, we take care of the implementation. When everything has been set up or programmed and the OK came from the customer, the project is complete. Depending on the customer and project, we can agree maintenance contracts for the future so that support is guaranteed.

This varies from project to project. For cloud hosting or web hosting, we mostly work with our customers via email or phone or conduct online conferences. We deal with the web design in the same way.

When it comes to individual solutions, we come to the customer on site and at the same time take a look at the circumstances in order to get a good picture. The further steps either take place via telephone / email or continue at the customer’s site.

We are working hard to ensure that we can offer our customers safe, fast, professional and affordable solutions in the future.

One of our main goals is to keep IT simple for customers so that they can enjoy IT just like we do.

Our skills

We at Ifnormatik can offer you a lot and bring many strengths to every project so that you can get a perfect product.

At the same time, we are constantly developing to make our service even better.

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Our customers

We work closely with our clients’ projects to provide a unique experience.

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