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Why Ifnormatik?

We Generate Trust

Our customers are the most important to us. That's why it's just as important to us that our customers build trust in us. There is nothing worse than losing faith in a company that is important to your own company.
This is why we are always committed to gaining and retaining the trust of our customers.
This will allow you to come to us with any problems you may have with our services. We would like to help you!

Who is Ifnormatik?

What we do and who we are

Web Hosting

You have just founded your company or you would like to change the hoster of your website? No problem! We host your website and your e-mail traffic for you.

Server Hosting

You do not want to own any more servers on-prem and outsource everything to the cloud? We host your servers for you for a great price.

Our Business

We are until now a small business with a little team. Most of us work remote. We are growing and we are working with other companies together to give you the best.

That says our customers


For the genration Z

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